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Garibay Soup: I call it stupidity... who would've thought

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I call it stupidity... who would've thought

I come from a snobby family, well not all of them, but a couple of us are. I've picked up their traits and probably created a bunch of my own.I've changed into things I never was before, for the better, since I moved to Oregon. One thing I have yet to let go is where I grocery shop. In Sacramento if you go into a cheap food store it's so ghetto you want to disinfect your food before you bring it into your home.

So, I was always a Safeway shopper. In my eyes we were getting amazing deals! I didn't have to deal with the grimy feeling I felt when going to the less expensive stores. Then we moved to Oregon, where we remained a Safeway shopper, later discovered Fred Meyers, which was like 10x better than Safeway, because it was like having Target and Safeway combined! Yes, it was a dangerous thing, since we always ventured in to the fun part of the store and bought things.... things that are still sitting in my garage waiting to be used. Basically, Fred Meyers was sucking my bank account and I thought I was making out, because I didn't have to drive all over town for the different things I needed.

I never understood why people would shop at places like Winco, Food 4 Less and other ghetto looking places. Haha, I know what you're thinking.... what a snobby little biotch ~ just stick with me here.... a rare occasion is about to happen!

Last night my friend Brittany (she's my new nephew's mom) needed to go grocery shopping. Being that her baby is so new and the entire thing is just new to her she needed a helping hand to make sure it all went smoothly. I had no intention on buying a thing, because we were going to Food 4 Less. I walked in and it was like a light shone in my eyes and I heard angelic music. THIS STORE WAS AMAZING! The prices were completely unreal ~ it wasn't dirty, sure there were some trashy people there, but I was more in awe over the store than being concerned with them! How could the bread I buy for over $3.00 a loaf only be $1.89??????? What in the fricking world was I doing shopping at Fred Meyers?

I spent less than $50.00 and got quite a bit of stuff! They even have organic and natural sections... you can buy brown rice by the pound! The milk is a whopping dollar less than Fred Meyers....... the mayo ~ don't get me started I can't believe I ever paid more than what I did last night on the stuff.

I think my husband is a bit relieved that his wife who thought she was too good for a good deal is over herself. I'm relieved that I'm over myself, because I'd rather not spend what I spend on groceries. It's ridiculous! I'm anxious to sit down, menu plan for next week and head to my new found, glorious store to discover what's down those aisles, and have the prices sing to my heart!



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Blogger Angela said...

I love Food 4 Less! I used to live very close to one, but since I moved back to the suburbs, it's too far. :(

July 18, 2009 at 11:48 PM  
Blogger Simple Complexity said...

YAY that's awesome. I never had an issue going into stores with the lower prices b/c I grew up poor. I'm all about quality though so some things in some of those stores I wont buy b/c the quality is not the same as say another store's brand or even the name brand stuff. But even then I still shop where it's cheaper. Like my frozen veggies, I get them cheaper at walmart than Target or my fav grocery store. We have a major chain here that I won't shop at for 2 reasons, one it's more expensive than the "pricey" one lol and 2 no matter what one you go to it always looks dingy and dirty and just isn't the same quality of customer service either.

Yay for saving money. I'm basically addicted to finding out where I can find stuff cheaper. In the beginning it might cost me more with driving around somewhere but then once I find stuff cheaper in a place I plan it so that I'm not making special trips.

July 19, 2009 at 12:23 AM  
Blogger Ashlee said...

We don't have any of those stores around here. I have been saving $$ since I started making a meal plan for two weeks at a time and shopping accordingly. I buy what's on my list and don't go around just throwing things in for the fun of it. Of course, it's less FUN that way but I guess I have to be a grown up. Blah! LOL!

July 19, 2009 at 9:23 AM  

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