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Garibay Soup: This Blogging Community ROCKS

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Blogging Community ROCKS

There are millions of mom blogs. You can jump from blog to blog and glance over quickly to find out if that one feels like one that you'll like... if that blogger is a blogger that you think you can connect with you might follow them.  Then through commenting, tweeting, connecting you become friends.  Whether you click with the blogs you come across or not, they are still the heart of a soul.  They are where someone turns to vent, to brag, to plea, to share, to grow, to learn, to love.  There are a lot of people in my world and probably your's that can't quite grasp that.  They can't quite grasp how we can have such close friendships over the internet.  How we can truly know someone just by stopping by their blog.

This is how.  In real life we normally don't express every, single thing that we are feeling.  For the most part we can talk it out, but it doesn't really all come out.  My feelings are displayed here on my blog.  This blog was not started for that reason.  My blog was started solely to benefit family back in California.  Now, if none of them even knew about my blog I'd probably be a lot happier {I love you all, but sometimes I'd like to write about things on here that I feel I can't}  But I'm pretty good about letting my feelings out here.  The friends that I have met in this community understand me in ways that friends in my real life don't.  And I in turn "get" them, because I have gone and internalized their feelings through reading their blog.

The community of this blogging world is beyond amazing to me.  Twitter/blogging.... the people are wonderful.  They're quick to support you, help you, give you advice and just make you feel like somebody out there really does care about how you feel.  That somebody out there really is listening.

I have learned more about this community these past few days that makes me proud to be a part of it.  There has been a tragedy in our community with a very well known and loved blogger named Anissa.  She has suffered a massive stroke and is in DESPERATE need of prayers... prayers for a full recovery, and prayers for her family to hang on during these horribly trying times.  This community has flocked together with prayers and willingness to help in any way they can.  That to me is amazing!

I have not had the opportunity to get to know Anissa like most of the people in our community have.  I haven't got to meet her at conferences, I didn't follow her during her daughter's cancer journey, but Anissa has touched my heart.  The words that I have read from others about her make me smile and hope that I too one day will get the pleasure of hugging her and becoming real friends with a wonderful soul..... I'm counting on her being at Blogher10 so that I can FINALLY MEET HER!

I'm so grateful for the friends that have touched my soul through their writings.  I'm so grateful for the friends that have come and given me the words of support that I needed at many times.  I'm grateful to be a part of this community and couldn't imagine my life without it.  I thank all of my readers from the depths of my soul, whether you comment or not... just knowing that you're there, listening matters to me.



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