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Garibay Soup: Day 3 of a sick Jayden

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 3 of a sick Jayden

Today is Day 3 of having Jayden home. Today's the last day of school before his big 2 week Christmas vacation. He still has a fever, and I just feel so bad for my little guy.

Ella's saying cool now. I guess she's been saying it for a while, but it sounds so much like cold that I thought she was saying cold when she was saying cool. She still says cold, but about 5 minutes ago I put on Barbie Mariposa and when the menu came up she sat up and looked at me and said, "Cool!" *sigh* where did my baby go?

I'm doing the 15 minute house cleaning tip from Flylady today. I'm going to spend 15 mintues in the kitchen, then 15 minutes in the living room, then I'll take a 15 minute break and probably head over to Etsy and dream about the day I'll be able to make stuff like the girls over there. Then I'll continue on w/the bathroom for 15 minutes then folding clothes for 15 minutes. When I'm done with that...

I'm sewing. And that's how I'll be spending my Friday.... sewing.

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