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Garibay Soup: Twitter & Traveling... I'll be doing twitter while traveling!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter & Traveling... I'll be doing twitter while traveling!

Boy these days have been flying! I am leaving for vacation in 2 days and am completely unprepared... I know it will all come together! I'm looking forward to this week's Works for Me Wednesday to scoop out travel tips w/kids. It's summer... there has to be some! We are driving from Oregon to Colorado ~ I definitely will be needting tips - so in addition to giving some comment love on my Works for Me Tip below, I would love it if you'd leave some comment love with your best traveling w/kids tip ~ BECAUSE I'M GONNA NEED IT!!!

Lately I've found that something works for me that I'm sure works for a lot of people here in the bloggity world. That's Twitter. I HEART twitter. Believe it or not, I actually kinda boycotted it for a while, because I did not get the point. Who cares if some random person's kid is watching Elmo.... do you really think I care.... now, YES!

Ways that Twitter works for me:

It is the most AMAZING way to receive prayers ~ especially for your sick baby. When Ella drank her heart medicine I posted a quick tweet asking for prayers and was amazed at the response I got. TONS of people started following me and praying for Ella... and their prayers worked! I am now seeing it happen with baby {Stellan} ~ that baby boy is receiving SO MANY prayers ~ (((HUGS))) to his family. These tweetin' mamas have always got your back.

It is a way to get people to come and read your blog. I have noticed that ever since I started using twitter I am clicking more on the links people are tweeting than actually reading the blogs in my google reader. I have many, many more readers just from them finding me on twitter. And I have found some of my favorite blogs on twitter as well, and made great bloggin'/twitter friends.

If you want to promote something, it's a great way! Just tweet about it and ask others to retweet for you!

Besides my blog I use it with my family as well. If something is going on, like the birth of a baby, we can update the progress through twitter... that way everybody is getting to see it. Family gossip also goes well through twitter as well, just make sure the one you're gossiping about isn't reading it LOL

It is like your own virtual party. You can peek in and peek out whenever you see fit. I used to be huge on mommy forums, but am now finding I'm more happier hanging out with my tweeple. I don't feel obligated to always respond or communicate (unless of course it is a direct message or an @anjyldream)

Twitter has become this virtual world, where everyone is joining in to be a part of the new "big" thing online. I can't believe how much I actually really LOVE twitter...I love it so much that I'm constantly checking my Ubertwitter on my blackberry to stay in the loop ~ and my husband has even joined with me!

The support that you can receive from other's is amazing. In so many situations I've tweeted a question and got a great reply from a complete stranger, and a reply that I actually really appreciated.

Twitter is the new thing that's working for me. If you're not a part of twitter I vote that you should be! And once you join you can find me {@anjyldream}

Huge thanks to {Kristen} for hosting Works for Me Wednesday ~ it's one of the best carnivals out there! There's nothing us mama's love more than reading what works for other's.

If inspiration is something that works for you be sure to follow me on {twitter} or subscribe to my {RSS Feed} so that you are in the {know} on Mondays for my inspirational carnival {Just a Motivating Monday}. It's my new baby and I hope to see it blossom like Works for Me Wednesday has. Hope to see you back here on Monday!!

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Blogger Emily said...

I agree with you about twitter! I totally didn't get it at first, but now I love it!

I just wrote up a post recently on some packing tips if you're interested!


July 28, 2009 at 9:09 PM  
Blogger DysFUNctional Mom said...

I could've totally written the paragraph about constantly checking Ubertwitter on your Blackberry and hubby doing it too! I love Twitter.
As for travel tips with kids...duct tape and benadryl!! KIDDING (sort of). =D

July 29, 2009 at 12:32 AM  
Blogger { L } said...

You made some really good points with Twitter! Interesting, you have me rethinking it, lol. As for the travel tips...buy some fake paper money. They earn the fake money during the trip for various good behavior, etc. They can also earn the money as prizes in games like cow counting or the license plate game or whatever game you play. You assign a value to their money (based on your own budget). Then when you get to gas stations, or visitor centers, or fun spots they can redeem their money for treats and souvenirs. Have fun in Colorado...that's my state! ;)

July 29, 2009 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Ashlee said...

You know that I big puffy heart Twitter. Don't have to tell you that. As for travelings w/ kids....do you have a dvd player? My kids watch their favorite movies and/or sing-along videos as we are driving and that really seems to keep them occupied. Not very stimulating but it keeps them quiet!

July 29, 2009 at 9:02 PM  

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