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Garibay Soup: Dear Blog.. I have excellent reasons

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear Blog.. I have excellent reasons

Dear Blog,

Oh hi there! Yes, I know, tumbleweeds have been rolling around these parts, but just let me tell you......

I have had an AMAZING... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 3 days. I have gone from being pretty dang excited about an opportunity that was presented to me from a wonderful friend, to being COMPLETELY blown away, beyond excited and looking forward to a VERY successful future.

In the midst of all of the above, yes you have been quite neglected. But here I am getting to write about one of my first experiences. I had home meetings where friends & family I loved came to support me in discovering what it was that had me just so excited! I think the best part was to watch them walk in the house with the demeanor of 'I am just here to support my friend/cousin' and watching them leaved completely blown away and thanking ME for inviting them! I loved seeing the friends that came out to support me and I appreciate each and every single one of them.

Today I attended a training that made a lot of what I am doing "click" I realized how simple this business really is. I realized that the majority of my friends and family would much rather have their telecommunications services through me than some random stranger. I learned that this is so much easier than it sounds and that I can and will succeed at it.  

Another thing that really hit home to me was that I can always have a positive mind and attitude about everything in my life.  I try to keep this demeanor about me, but sometimes a negative situation can get the best of me.... and my dear friend, Kandi told me something I already know... a little reminder didn't hurt.  ALWAYS no matter what negative situation you are in think of 3 positive things that can come out of it.  One way I do this is when I get pulled over and get a ticket (which we all know happens often) I actually always tell myself that the cop prevented a life changing accident happening to me.  We have to do things like this... we HAVE to always stay in a positive mind frame, or negativity will overtake us.

So tomorrow I am setting a goal... I am smiling even when I don't feel like it.  I am building my dream board, and I am working on my plan of success, because I'm honestly ready to rock!

P.S. I totally understand if you're interested in what I'm talking about!  You can always go {HERE} or if you're interested in ways I can SAVE YOU $$ on services that you already are using with {NO CATCH}... get in touch with me IMMEDIATELY!  Click on the contact tab at the top of the page.


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Blogger Kandi Thompson said...

Amanda...you are such an amazing person and are an inspiration to everyone that reads this! There is something to learn from everything you write. I love you friend and am SO SUPER excited about your new journey.

October 3, 2009 at 10:32 PM  

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