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Garibay Soup: Finding Patience as a Mom

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding Patience as a Mom

I struggle with patience. It's a fault of mine, and it's something I wish wasn't. Patience is the single most important thing for a parent to have, most importantly, a mom to have. Whenever I say my prayers I always ask for more patience, and I've really been trying to reflect and pinpoint how I can change myself in order to have more of this virtuous thing.

Being a part of this blog community can really just put things in perspective. When I'm lacking patience I think of mother's whose babies are no longer with them. When I'm lacking patience I think about the moms who seem to have it all figured out and are Martha Stewart of parenting. But you know what? It's okay. We're not perfect, and if we were perfect we wouldn't be here.

I think my patience has really been tried these past couple of weeks as I've had a new little girl in my life. Having 2 toddlers definitely has its challenges. Having 2 toddlers REALLY tests your patience. And sometimes I wonder if God does certain things, to answer your prayers. Recently I heard somewhere to be careful of what you wish for, or pray for. You might be asking God for more strength, so he gives you more trials to strengthen you. I was asking for more patience, so God gave me another toddler to really try my nerves LOL. But I'm thankful for it, because I'm learning and I'm growing.

Lately one thing that REALLY, and I mean REEEEEAAAALLLLY tests this mama's patience is when Miss Ella Bella locks herself in rooms.... it's an every day thing and something that SCARES THE CRAP out of me.  What if she's locked in a room and there's a fire?  Or what if she shoves something in her mouth and chokes?  When she locks herself in the bathroom she's getting into my Bare Minerals makeup, which kills me and then finally will come out once her makeup is done.  I have video of this and I have a video of the girls at the park ~ they're so dang cute when they get along haha.

Untitled from Amanda Garibay on Vimeo.

Untitled from Amanda Garibay on Vimeo.

Thought I'd add before the mom blog police attack me ~ yes I do know there is cleaner on the toilet and that my daughter was locked in the bathroom with access to it.... I was cleaning my bathroom and literally walked out for a couple of seconds to throw something over by my washing machine when Miss Thang swooped in, slammed the door and locked me out.  I did however know she wasn't messing with the cleaner as her obsession is with makeup.

AND! Wanted to add that the videos were totally taken from my DROID phone... the video camera is THAT good!


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