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Garibay Soup: Our White Christmas

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our White Christmas

Yup! We had a White Christmas. Being that every single Christmas of ours together has been in Sacramento, we have yet to have a White Christmas. And Jayden has yet to have a one EVER! He did have a White Thanksgiving when he was 2 - he actually went skiing. I'll have to find the pics of that and scan them - it was cute!

Okay ~ this year our Christmas was WONDERFUL!!!! It was peaceful and I just loved every second of it...except for the fact that I have this horrible cold. Christmas Eve we started a new tradition that we're going to do every year with our children. We went and bought all the stuff to make Ice Cream Sundays!! They were delicious. So, we had the kids open 1 present, which were of course their Christmas PJ's ~ here's pics of that

So, Gino of course fell asleep early and Jayden was too excited to sleep. So, I had to stay awake until Jayden finally fell asleep so I could play Santa. Jayden finally falls asleep around midnight. And this required me to actually go and lay down w/him to get him to sleep. It also required me to try my hardest NOT to fall asleep with him. Could you imagine him waking up in the morning and running down the stairs to find that Santa did not eat his cookies or stuff his stocking or LEAVE HIM PRESENTS?!?!?! His world would have crashed at that moment. So, finally, Jayden falls asleep and I go pull out the toys. I actually had to snap Ella's toy together and put screws in as I'm cursing profanities at my husband who is snoring on the couch. Then I got in a fight w/Jayden's dinosaur. They screwed him to a post in the box. WTF!?!? I couldn't find a screwdriver that would work. After about 30 minutes of me fighting w/the box I finally got the dinosaur free. Stuffed the stockings, threw the cookies away and tossed the milk (I was not in the mood for cookies at that point) and went to bed. My child didn't wake up until 8:30am to see what Santa brought ~ Thank you, Lord. And I actually woke him up - I was anxious!! After we did our Christmas thing we got ready and headed up to my Grandparent's house to spend Christmas with my family. Here are the pictures of our day ~ there's not many, well, not as many as I would have liked, but I was so sick that pictures were the least of my worries......

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