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Garibay Soup: Just Stinkin' Perfect!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Stinkin' Perfect!

My friend of 23 years told me that her sister reads my blog often. I love it when I hear that people that I care about, and especially people I'm not always in contact with come to check up on my family, me, my life. But one thing that she did say was, "Wow, now that Amanda is in the Mormon church is she like this perfect mom?" I don't know if those were her exact words, but the word perfect was mentioned. AND THEN! Her mom reads my blog and says, "Did Amanda turn into little Miss Perfect?"...... here we go.

I can classify myself with pretty much the most imperfectness out there. I am not in any way a bad mom, I am not a bad wife, but I am farfrom being the word perfect. I don't always blog about my faults, because maybe I don't want to face them. I don't blog about my faults, because maybe I just don't want to world to know about them. I do have faults though, and many of them.

It's funny that miss Alicia (hi Alicia!!) said this, because I think this about others. When I do go to church (and let me tell you, lately it hasn't been very often!) I envy almost all of the families there. They seem to have perfect lives. Their husbands are smiling and rubbing their backs, the wives are smiling and don't seem at all frustrated as they drag their screaming toddler out of Sacrament. When I'm at church I'm trying my hardest to keep my kids quiet, my husband awake and wishing that we were at the point of being able to take everything in and love it. It's hard for us. It seems absolutely easy for every member that has been going to church all their lives, but it's a drastic change for the Garibay family and I anticipate it taking a while for us to be that family that the new comers look at and envy.

I am probably the most organized unorganized person you'll ever meet. I could walk into somebody's home, tear it apart and have everything organized and beautiful, because I know how to. I know where to start, and I know how to get to the ending prize. Have you been to my house? If you have you'll know that I struggle with organization. Maybe it's because I'd prefer to always be struggling in this department, because I most definitely know how to get there.... I just haven't gotten there yet.

I love my children, but they drive me flipping crazy sometimes! I sometimes wish that they would walk away from me and give me some space so I can tweet, blog, surf the internet, read or just think BY MYSELF... whatever. I'm sure that doesn't make me the best mom in the world, because I actually need a break from them to do the things that make me happy, otherwise why the heck am I living? I love them and breathe for them, but I'm not afraid to admit that I need breaks sometimes, I need a night out without them, and I know many moms who cannot admit to this. So, I guess I'm not so perfect in this department as well.

I often wonder why we sometimes hide our faults. Why we don't let other people know that hey, I'm not the best wife, my house is a disaster most days, I definitely should not classify as the world's best mom (even though at times you think you are).

I just want everyone to know me for me. I don't always blog about my faults, but I have them. I need to remember when reading other people's blogs that they may seem perfect, and have the perfect blog, the perfect husband and seem like life is just flipping perfect for them, but there's no way, because none of us are perfect. They have faults just like I do, you do and we all do.... even our mother-in-law's :)



Blogger Kara @ His, Hers & Ours said...

So true. In all aspects. I often want to blog about something that isn't the happiest or perfect in my life, but I think twice about it, and I shouldn't. I need to remember that someone else may be going through or has gone through what I am dealing with.

Good for you for bringing light to this! Lord know's I'm not the perfect wife or mother either!

There. I said it! ;)

August 19, 2009 at 9:03 PM  
Blogger Sarah R said...

Nobody is perfect and the grass isn't always greener! There are certain things I never post on my blog because I don't share everything with the world. :)

August 19, 2009 at 9:06 PM  
Blogger Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Not the perfect mom eh? You said it. We all go a little crazy huh?

Growing up in a GIANT MEGA mormon family has made it easier for me (I think) to take those screaming toddler moments in stride and not sweat it.. I may look like I'm all cool about it, but I'm just as annoyed by my kids as anyone else!! :)

and girl, right now I'd give anything if they were in school already!!

You'll make it!

August 19, 2009 at 10:10 PM  
Blogger DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think that our blogs should be whatever we want them to be, and if we want to focus on the positive, that's our prerogative! Nobody is perfect, and in my experience, those who act oh-so-perfect are the ones who are the most flawed.

August 19, 2009 at 10:34 PM  
Blogger Simple Complexity said...

Aww Amanda I totally know what you mean. I was asked by my friend from college about Kenny and I. She totally blew me away lol She was like do you guys ever argue or fight? She's like you are always loving on each other and I've never heard you say anything bad about him.

I was like whoa, um yeah we fight and argue and sometimes I don't want him touching me b/c I could spit nails at him lol

Sometimes people also only see what they want to see and yes sometimes we as people as human beings hide our flaws, we don't want people to see us in that light, to see us at our worst possible point.

However, I will say that when you have a realtionship with Jesus, you are different you're life is different and you strive to be better, better than what you were and to some, that might come across as trying to be perfect etc and you know that's ok, b/c they see the change in you, they see how much it's changed your life, so take it as a compliment, take it as someone sees how you as a person have grown and you as a mother trying to be a better mother.

Oh and one other thing, don't try to keep the kids all perfect and quite, just deal with it, take it in stride and you would be surprised to find out that most people are probably giggling b/c they have been there and done that and are remembering what it was like. I learned a long time ago, with Loralei throwing her fits that most people are just thankful it's not them having to deal with it and not that they are annoyed, now those that are annoyed, they need to get a life b/c that's how kids are and chances are, they did the same exact thing.

August 21, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

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