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Garibay Soup: The Run Down...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Run Down...

Ella has developed this high pitch squealing scream when she sees anything that's little girl related. Then following that scream is her saying, "Ella!" She's explaining to us all that since that is something that she loves it is Ella's. I love that. I love the excitement that comes squealing out of her. I just am absolutely head over heels in love with this precious little girl! 

 Today it has been 2 years and 12 days since we discovered that our little precious princess has a heart problem. 2 years and 12 days since we learned that life is so precious and that horrible, sad things can happen to you, and more sadly to our children. I am so happy to say that Ella has been off of her medication for over a month now without any signs of SVT. It's scary, but it's something that her doctor really wanted to test and we're listening to him. I don't think that Gino's on the same page as me on this... in fact I don't even think I'm on the same page as myself, but for some reason I feel strongly about listening to what he says.

She is just this little bundle of smarts that I'm almost not too sure on what to do with. For a little girl just turning 2 I get a little concerned at how much she knows. How much she soaks in. I need to make sure that I am doing every thing I can to make sure that her little mind is soaking things up.... and good things! She's already interested in colors, numbers, I feel like she's going to be reading by the time she's 3. I'm extremely proud of her.

Jayden has been adjusting well with his new class. It definitely does help that it is his old teacher. I'm going to start helping him with goals so that he can feel the excitement when he accomplishes that goal.

I'm currently working on my goals that I plan to accomplish this month, this year, and for the next 5 years. I think that my plan is to sit down with him and do this with him. Have him have his goals written out just like mom and we can get excited together and for each other.

Gino and I are getting more and more excited about the new direction we are taking our life. We both feel so fortunate to have been given an amazing opportunity that will not only change our lives, but our children's lives, and children's children's lives... FOREVER.

So, life has been busy... but in such a good way!  We are in the middle of building this amazing company and I can't even begin to describe how exciting and fun our new adventure is for us.


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