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Garibay Soup: WFMW ~ Double Toddler Trouble

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WFMW ~ Double Toddler Trouble

If you don't know about Kandi @ Twin-spirations you need to! She is my mentor in life, not only in my business, but literally in my life. I have received by far the BEST parenting advice EVER from her. Luckily she's not an online friend for me.... she's a smack dab in real life sister to me. Not biologically, but she might as well be my big sister. Because I've never had one {big sister that is}, and she's been in my life since I was weeeeee little.

SOOOO I wanted to share a bit of advice she gave me with having 2 toddlers {I currently have my niece who is the exact age of my daughter 2.5!}

TIMEOUTS are a very negative thing. However, if your toddler is doing something that needs to be addressed you simply grab their hand and let them know that they need to take a break. Mommy's can even take a break when they get out of control.... that way they know that sometimes, we all just need to take a break.

So ~ for the break they get 1 minute/their age and they can bring a book, or a stuffed animal and they can take that time to reflect on what they did. It's been working GREAT for me!

Now here's the kicker.... if you have twins that are toddlers, or deal with 2 children, and one does something to the other you can put them both on a break. When the break is over having each come to you and tell you why they had to go on a break and the one who you "thought" didn't do anything and was just the victim tells on themselves! It's genius!  

So, this is what's working for me right now... being a "mom" of two toddlers is quite new for me since I'm used to only 1. ~ 

So please if you have any other tips for me... feel free to leave them in the comments ;)

If you want to learn about other things that work for other's head over to {Kristen's Blog} ~ lots of good stuff!!

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