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Garibay Soup: 9/11 Poem By Jill Mahone

Friday, December 28, 2007

9/11 Poem By Jill Mahone

My cousin, Jill, wrote the best poem about 9/11 that I've ever read. She actually wrote it on 10/18/04 for her 10th grade English paper. It's a tear jerker and is just absolutely amazing. Here's a picture of my beautiful cousin Jill who is expecting a baby girl in March

We watched as people suffered and died,
as orphans and widows prayed and cried.
As the planes hit the towers the world held its breath,
as everyone saw the destruction and death.
The workers stopped working, the teachers stopped teaching,
all the alarms sounded and the preachers kept preaching.
We could all feel the pain of the people stuck up there burning,
and when another person jumped our stomachs started churning.
Everyone was on their knees praying for the souls
that were going up to heaven and had lost their dreams and goals.
We were losing all hope as the number of deaths got higher,
and our anger kept growing in our hearts like fire.
The day September 11th would now be a very important date.
The day everyone, everywhere would question their fate.
This would be the day that our courage shows bright,
for everyone around was helping with all their might.
All those people dead with not even a grave,
but the helpers still worked with the hope that another they might save.
After all the destruction was done all we could do is give,
so we waited in lines miles long to give blood so someone might live.
Now where the Twin Towers had once stood is a pile of ash,
and everyone alive will always remember the day of this terrible crash
that took the lives of so many that didn't want to die,
this day when smoke and ash filled the New York sky.
This is our country, the land of the brave and free,
this is a country that everyone should see,
with our colors Red, White and Blue,
and forever and ever we will shine through.
This is our country and it is AMERICA!

~Jillian Mahone


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