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Garibay Soup: Get rid of that icky sponge!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Get rid of that icky sponge!

It's another case of Kitchen Tip Tuesday Last week I asked for advice on cleaning my oven and I'm proud to say that I have been back to baking w/out starting fires!! What I did was soak the burnt apple drip on the bottom of the over w/White Vinegar and then scraped the bottom w/a metal spatula.. then I got the remaining off just by cleaning it w/a White Vinegar & water solution. Thank you everyone for all of your advice. And Tammy, thank you for the recent tip on using baking soda to put the fire out next time (but there won't be a next time LOL) Okay! Now on to this week's tip:

Do you have that icky sponge in your sink still? The one that seems to reek of mildew... well, then you need to go to the baby section and buy this! It has a suction cup on the bottom and so the water drips down and it doesn't get that mildew smell. If you have a baby - you can color code it. Pink for baby, blue for dishes. Or however you want to do it.

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