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Garibay Soup: These cops need a makeover

Saturday, June 21, 2008

These cops need a makeover

Cops. My new favorite people. I talked earlier this week about how wonderful they've been to us ~ I'm happy to say that so far things have been better. Just in case they're one of my fellow googlers out there that google Amanda Garibay for the heck of it, I thought I'd post a little message to them.

I found a great place that gives great deals on police gear. You could even get some free socks if you're in need of some new boots. I know, I wouldn't pass that deal up either. I really want the police department where I live to understand that it really isn't looking good what they're wearing... they could totally be in style if they'd only go check out LA Police Gear. They could even get a new Surefire weapon light since they seem like the type that uses their weapons a lot. I'm just saying.... it could come in handy. That way when they're pulling over people in the middle of the night like they love to do (I know, it's boring here) they have a really great light!



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