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Garibay Soup: My Sweet Boy

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Sweet Boy

I sometimes wonder how my beautiful little boy has become so polite. He's so different from other children, especially boys. He's polite, he has manners, he truly cares for others. I was in the gas station yesterday, and he told Brittney to call and check on me because I'd been in there too long. What 6 year old thinks of things like that? He holds open doors for me and says "Ladies first." He loves to have me wait in the car so he can open up my car door.

The main thing that gets me is how he's such a sucker for his baby sister. He loves that girl so much, and strives to be the best big brother that he can be. How did I get so lucky?!?! He's such a blessing to us and I want him to know how thankful and happy we are that he's our son.

I feel bad sometimes, because I'm not the most patient parent out there. I'm not going to lie and say our lives are picture perfect and we have no faults. I love my children, but sometimes I want to run to the hills screaming. I feel bad for all the times that Jayden has gotten on my nerves. He's so sweet and I need to work on having more patience with him. I need to do more one on one things with him. I always said that just because we were having another baby I would never be too consumed by her, but I feel like that's happened.

Parenting is so hard. Even the good parents out there struggle, and we never feel like we're doing enough. Sadly, I don't think we ever will feel like we do enough.

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Blogger Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a sweetie! I know why he's so polite: he must have a good example in his parents! Really, kids with rude parents turn out rude and vice versa. You're doing great!

July 23, 2008 at 8:59 AM  

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