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Garibay Soup: Not a Sac Girl Anymore

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not a Sac Girl Anymore

I know, there's still no pictures. It's not as easy with this new camera, because I have to resize them for the web.... I promise it will be soon.

I however needed to come on and elaborate on a few things going through my mind. First of all, I really think I don't like Sacramento at all. I promise it has gotten so much more ghetto than it was before. I couldn't stand looking at all the ghetto. Besides the fact that I have a very dysfunctional father that lives here, I'm really happy we made the decision to move here. I will never live back in Sacramento if I can help it. I will always be a Cali girl at heart, but it's so not the place to raise your children.

I believe my brother just might have a job. Done in 1 day and w/out the help of any of my family here. I'm sad, because he really did want to have the plumbing experience from my dad, but the job I believe he got (they already drug tested him and he passed it!) is a great one. They'll even give him a bus pass, which means I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE HIM TO AND FROM WORK! Very pleased with this one.... please cross your fingers and pray with me that he indeed got the job.

Here's my goals of the day: If I come back and cross them off that means I accomplished them ~ I wouldn't expect too many cross offs, but you never know!!!

  1. Print Checks and mail off for work
  2. Prepare deposits and mail off for work
  3. Statements sent out
  4. 3 loads of laundry folded & put away
  5. The toilet fixed ~ maybe I'll just pour Draino down the drain and leave it up to Gino
  6. Room cleaned up ~ it's a mess since coming back from this trip.
Okay I'm off to go and try to get the work side of things and 1 load of laundry started.

One more thing!!!! Today is day 5 with no coffee. I am passed the migraine part (YAY!) and my anxiety is better and I'm replacing coffee with breakfast and vitamins. Huge accomplishment for me. I wasn't just making my coffee at home, either ~ I was spending $5.00/day having it made for me. So, with the amount of money I'm going to save this month I'm buying myself Wii Fit.

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