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Garibay Soup: Our First Discussion

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our First Discussion

Last night we had the missionaries and some friends over from church to start Gino with discussions. The initial plan was they were going to do a mini lesson (cut it in half) so that Gino wasn't overwhelmed. The night didn't start out too great ~ right when they got here our toilet overflowed upstairs and Jayden slipped in the thick water on the floor ~ luckily 10 minutes later Gino had it all taken care of. 1 hour and 45 minutes later they left. We had the whole discussion and then some. I was amazed at involved Gino was with it all. He asked the questions that he had and told them that there's no doubt in his mind that it's all true.

They of course asked if he would give them a baptism date and we told them let's just get through the lessons. I know it's a scary thing to take such a huge step and just getting the discussions alone were huge.

I know this might sound strange, but every time Gino is faced with someone who thinks that the Mormon religion is a joke he gets defensive. Yes, Mr. Garibay who used to talk smack about Mormons defends them now. Before my brother got here he was a little like, Ugh I'm not in the mood for this... isn't going to church enough.... blah blah blah ~ well, when my brother says a couple things about how he heard from someone that it's not true and it's all crap Gino defended the church and was REALLY involved in the lesson.

I'm so satisfied!! So, next week there will be no lesson, but every Thursday after that we will be having lessons. I really enjoyed it ~ I don't even remember the lessons.... in fact, I don't remember a lot so I'm learning right along with him.

One thing that was pretty amazing was the missionaries asked Gino if he has any goals and Gino said, "My goal is to go to the temple."

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Blogger Awesome Mom said...

Awesome! I loved doing splits with the sister missionaries. I learned so much just by being there with them.

August 9, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

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