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Garibay Soup: Rude People

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rude People

So, if you know me. I mean, really know me, you probably think I'm one of the most rudest people out there. I've actually improved SO much in this area. I'm making it a point to try and be pleasant - even *gasp* in the drive through.

It's funny how after I'm working on improving the way I present myself I notice other people's flaws in this area. People really are rude, and it's so unpleasant!

Last night we went out and got ice cream and then went to Fred Meyers to get Mya a balloon so that we could sign it and send it off to heaven. When we were leaving there was a cashier guy talking to another guy and then I guess he left right after we left. We were walking out to our car and I always open up my car door and put my purse and keys and then I open up Ella's door and put her in. Well, this guy walks out to his crappy, and I mean CRAPPY car and says (very rudely), "Can you shut your door?!" and I looked at him and kept my composure and replied with, "As soon as I put my daughter in the car." Then he says, "Don't scratch my car!"

Okay, wow. First off I think I'd be a little more careful with my car being that it's a lot newer than his, and what a jerk! So, he starts to back up and I thought Screw this guy. I turned around and flipped him off. I know, not very Mormon or nice of me, but he was such a jerk! He was so into watching me that he didn't see the car behind him and slammed into it.

Lesson of the day ~ negative energy creates negativity. I had a good laugh and got in my car and drove off. The guy felt so stupid he wouldn't even look at us after that. That makes me just want to be pleasant and never rude to anyone ever again. I've noticed that when I'm in that frame of mind that he was in negative things always happened to me.



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