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Garibay Soup: Doctor Visit Breakdowns

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doctor Visit Breakdowns

Let's start off with her 1 year checkup. She's highly advanced, growing perfectly and a devil child. Yes, my doctor called her a devil child. It's okay though, he saved her life so he can call her whatever he'd like. She's 21.5 lbs and 30 In. long.

Things she's doing.... eating EVERYTHING. She actually is quite obsessed with food, which is a little bit of a worry for me, but she loves veggies which makes me happy! She's learned how to throw fits, which is no fun. We're going to try the ignoring technique and see if it works. She still loves to dance, so as soon as I can get her into dancing she'll be in it. I think I already said before that she's off the bottle ~ she's been off of it for about a month (maybe a little more) now. She loves video games and loves to turn the video games off when people (daddy and brother) are playing them. She loves buttons to press, especially if they turn off things so that she can look at everyone with a satisfied smile.

Things Ella says: See, Jay, Benjamin (this is new), bye, mine, mama, dad, please, working on thank you, all done.... I think there's more but I can't think of any more.

I haven't updated with a video or pictures lately and I'm a total loser for that. Sorry.

Cardiologist appointment was today and I must say her doctor is such a sweet man! The girl who was getting her stats was looking at her and said, has she been in this hospital before? Did she go into SVT? I told her, yeah, when she was 7 weeks old. She said that she was in the room when they shocked her heart. She said she'd never seen anything like it before. They weren't very hopeful that day, because nothing would get her heart rate down. So scary.

Anyways, so the doctor came in and said that if the EKG comes back good then he wants me to cut her medicine in half for 1 week and then the following week completely stop. Then he'd want a holter monitor on her for 24 hours to see what her heart is up to. I got nervous. The thought of Ella not having her protective shielding medicine had my anxiety up a little. EKG showed there's still WPW, so we just continue on with what we're doing and we'll be back to see him in 6 months.

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