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Garibay Soup: Ward Christmas Party - and more sewing talk

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ward Christmas Party - and more sewing talk

Last night was our Ward's 1st annual Nativity Scene Christmas party. We had a live nativity scene outside and it was beautiful! They even had a tamed turkey.

They had a buffet of soups and then right before the primary singing started Jayden came and told me he had an accident. Man! Right when I thought he was better. So, we had to leave.

To be on the safe side we didn't go to church today. Which kinda sucks because it is the Sunday before Christmas. Instead, my husband is out breaking the sabbath doing Christmas shopping and I'm sewing. We will maybe do a lesson together as a family tonight. Funny thing is, Jayden's fever is gone and he's completely fine today! The lab called though and said that Jayden's culture came back positive for strep, but it's not the strep that they worry about and treat.

I finished all the rows for my niece's quilt. I now get to sew them all together and I'm nervous about it! My Grandma said that this is one of the hardest parts. Gino's out buying me pins so I can pin the rows together. I never knew sewing could be so therapeutic and addicting! I think for my next project I'd like to make Ella a patchwork skirt.

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Blogger Emily said...

Amanda how fun, I can't believe you are so far along on the quilt. I heard that you guys left the pary early on a code brown, that is too bad.

December 21, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

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