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Garibay Soup: Welcoming in 2009

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcoming in 2009

As 2008 comes to a close and we are yet approaching another year, I get excited inside. It's a fresh new start and I think tomorrow I can wake up and everything that I did wrong in 2008 doesn't matter.... or what I didn't do. It's a fresh new start to start over.

I'm happy with myself. I don't have a resolution to lose weight, but I would like to start working out on the Wii more - for health reasons, and dropping a few pounds wouldn't be too bad LOL.

I want to do more homemade gifts for people for their birthdays. And learn more about sewing and expand in my photography. I'd even like to pick up a couple of classes/seminars on these.

I want to read more to Jayden. I'd like to get through the whole series of Magic Tree House books this year. We read the first book today and he loved it! And I really enjoyed reading it. I think they're great books that he can learn a lot from. I also would like to see Jayden reading more books himself. So.... reading a BIG thing for 2009 for us.

I suck at scripture study, and usually opt out and end up reading the Ensign instead, but I want to be more deligent in this area this year. I would like to have my Book of Mormon blog updated daily. Even if I'm just reading 1 chapter a day out of the Book of Mormon I'd be happy.

I want to pay more attention to my husband, and not let the little things in life distract me.

I want the kids to watch less TV this year, and not use it as much for a babysitter. Being a Work at home mom, this can be hard, but I need to be more creative in my efforts.

I want to be on top of things with my work. I want to have a set working schedule and to make sure that I get so many hours in a week so things don't build up on me.

My biggest goal of 2009 is ORGANIZATION!!!! I want to do the Flylady and stick with it. Even use her tactics with my work. I need order and a smooth running home/office in order for me to keep my head on and strong!!!

I hope everyone reading my blog has a Very Happy & Safe New Year ~ we'll just be hanging at home tonight watching movies and being with our babies, because there's no other way we'd rather bring in this New Year. If you're drinking this year, please don't drive. You could take away someone's life... including your own, and that's no way to start out a New Year.

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