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Thursday, August 27, 2009

{Ashlee} gave me this fabulous Blog award... and it's my first ever! Ashlee is such an amazing girl and I am so happy that Twitter brought us together... in all actuality I think Ella's overdose is to blame, but we'll just say Twitter ;)

The rules are to list 5 obsessions.... oh boy - are you sure you all want to know me like that?

Blackberry Storm! I can't believe I ever just had a regular phone! Someone once told me not to get a blackberry, and I actually listened! I'm glad I finally succumbed to what I really wanted, because I LOOOOOVE IT! I feel like everything is right at my fingertips and why I think it's better than the IPhone... because our themes rock! (Verizon doesn't have the IPhone so I convince myself daily that the Blackberry Storm is better... and I'm starting to realize it just might be! I mean, come on I get MMS messages!)

Photo Editing! Oh I just absolutely love to take a picture and transform it into something so magical. Photography in general is an obsession of mine so I guess I can combine the two. I'm just a newbie photographer, and watching my own work get better and better with every photo shoot puts a thrill inside of me. I'm so happy that I invested in my DSLR, because I found a new passion in something that my family and other families will be able to treasure for years to come.

My Computer! My friends live inside of it. Okay... ME <------LOSER! Just kidding... not all of my friends, but I have found a lot of amazing friends on this thing. This is what I use to edit my pictures, to connect with friends and family who are far away, to write on my blog {that is in the end for my family} and to learn on. I learn new things every day online... and if I didn't have this computer that probably wouldn't be happening.

My family!
I'm obsessed with them! They are so deliciously adorable I just want to eat them up! Okay, so they might all get on my nerves and drive this mama over the edge, but I love them so much and they are my #1 obsession... the reason why I do the things I do. Without them I am nothing.

Blogging! I guess this kinda goes in the computer category but I have more to add on the obsession of mine. I originally started this blog for family and friends to be in the "know" of the Garibay family... and it turned into something I never expected. I found blogs of other moms and discovered different ways to try things. I found this world of amazingness that I just HAD to be a part of. I really enjoy updating my blog with the things I feel others might gain something from, things that I feel, and things my family will want to {or not} remember about when they're older. I love when people come to leave me comment and let me know that what I contributed to the blog world touch them in some way, and if you're a lurker on my blog I'd love for you to feel comfy and leave a comment ~ let me know that I touch your world like I hope I do. In the end however, it doesn't matter how many readers I have, no matter if I have hundreds or 1 I'm still going to continue with what I have to share and continue on with my inspirational carnival.... it's my obsession and I love it and will always do it.

Now to tag 5 people with this award!!!

{Rachel @ Spangler Family} ~ Rachel, you are such an awesome person to me. I hope one day we actually get to meet IRL. You're blog is fabulous, you inspire me quite often and you definitely deserve this award. Display it on your blog proudly, because you're blog is FABULOUS!

{Momzoo} ~ You make being a mom of 5 and housewife so enjoyable and simple. You inspire me quite often to do things more simply. To enjoy the little things in life and to someday have a garden! You're blog is FABULOUS and I hope you display this award proudly on your blog.

{Dena @ Sugar Shop} ~ I just absolutely LOVE the content on your blog. I found your blog when I was brand spankin new to sewing and photography and felt like I found the gold mine to inspiration with the 2. You rock at what you do and I just want you to know that to me your blog is FABULOUS!!

{Bake @ 350} ~ you knew I had to throw some food up in the mix.... OH BOY your blog makes my mouth WATER. It's beyond water...I have dreams about the the things you put on there. Girl, you're blog is FABULOUS! Thank you so much for posting all these delicious things... you inspire me to bake and I used to not go there.

{Mrs Cropper} ~ Anne, I LOVE reading your blog. Knowing you in real life and then going to read the things going on in your mind puts a different spin on things. You are an awesome, amazing person and you inspire me in many, many ways! Your blog is FABULOUS! Display it proudly!! I still hold that rain check and intend to use it :)

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Blogger Bridget said...

Oh! Thank you so much! That made my day! :)

August 27, 2009 at 2:07 PM  
Blogger Ashlee said...

Great post! I knew you'd do me proud!!!! Love ya!

August 27, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

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