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Garibay Soup: And I was like.... wooooa!

Friday, October 30, 2009

And I was like.... wooooa!

I'm a girl... and girls LOVE a good soap opera story in real life to watch unfold. Well, maybe not so much a soap opera story, but in this case.... A REAL LIFE O.M.G THERE'S A PIMP NEXT DOOR STORY!

I'm gonna back it up here for a second to last week.... I think it was last week. I drop Gino off at work and pull up to the house to sit in my car talking on the phone to my friend Kandi while Ella watched Winnie the Pooh. I figured I'd just hang out in the car, wait for her to fall asleep then drive to pick up Jayden. Well, lo and behold, Mr. Mysterious that lives next door and leaves at all hours of the night and did I mention IS OLD is at his house with his "assistant".  Next events happen quite quickly and entire time I'm in complete shock thinking I KNEW IT!!!!

- Trashy car pulls up, blonde bimbo w/tats gets out of car and walks up to house where "assistant" is standing. (Keep in mind I'm in my car, engine off & tinted windows) Trashy girl hands "assistant" a wad of money.

-Mr. Mysterious comes outside and "assistant" walks over to her car while trashy blonde bimbo w/tats goes in the house with Mr. Mysterious. "Assistant" waits outside. Then after a few minutes "assistant" walks over to house, lightly knocks and peeks in and then walks in.

-I'm giving a play by play of all actions right now to my friend Kandi and we're completely just O.M.G CRAZINESS! So the saga continues...

-"Assistant" and blond bimbo w/tats come back outside and the Mr. Mysterious follows.... CRAP! This is where I get caught. Mr. Mysterious sees me in the car... I pretend like I'm not looking and am in just a complete serious conversation on my phone. Too late... girls leave and Mr. Mysterious approaches my vehicle.

His words: I'm in a complete love triangle mess! Did you see the girls?

Me: Yes I did!
Me in my head: and I also saw the wad of cash being exchanged

So, he ends up making this total story up to make me not realize that something completely illegal is going on. So, I come to the conclusion that he is indeed a pimp.  

The story doesn't end here my friends... oh no... the saga continues tomorrow ~ and you'll find out what exactly this Mr. Mysterious really does... and I'll tell you this much it's definitely an O.M.G kind of thing!

Tomorrow's events will begin.... there was a knock on my door. (and the knock occurred TODAY!  See ya back here tomorrow for the conclusion.


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Blogger Brittany said...

LOL, what a great blog post. Its like your writing a small novel about your next door neighbor! Now I have a new soap-opera I wanna read about everyday from you!
I still cant believe that Mr. Mysterious is a so called 'PIMP' creepy

October 31, 2009 at 12:00 AM  
Blogger Chelle said...

I love it!! I'm always one for a real-life drama/soap to occur. As long as it isn't me!

Can't wait for part two...off to read it now!

November 3, 2009 at 9:40 PM  

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