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Garibay Soup: Birthday party tomorrow!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday party tomorrow!

It's 8:00pm and my kids are running wild around the house..... there's something majorly wrong with that. Most people w/kids my kids' age have them in bed between 7 & 8 - this is something I really need to work on.

Tomorrow is Jayden's first "real" birthday party. I say first "real" birthday party, because he's never had a birthday party where lots of kids come and you know..... all that fun stuff. So, we have about 9 kids coming tomorrow and he's REALLY excited. I am a little stressed out about it.... we're still going to church and I'll only have a few hours to get things together. I know it will all be good, but with my fun anxiety problem it has me a little stressed. My biggest stress is that we show up at the park and the picnic table area is already taken - THAT WOULD SUCK!

I've decided I'll do a post of Ella's birthday pics and Jayden's birthday pics - I'm a slacker and it's been over a month since Ella's birthday party and I still haven't shown pictures of it. She looked SO CUTE!


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