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Garibay Soup: The Moon

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Moon

I had to come on here and tell a funny story about Jayden. Every time we go up to my Grandparent's house that live here my Grandpa always leaves every day at 2:00pm to go to "The Moon". Now, what Jayden doesn't know is that "The Moon" is a bar where my Grandpa meets his brother and they drink and gamble. I choose to keep this little bit of info from Jayden.

So, Jayden thinks old Grandpa that lives on the hill is an astronaut.

Okay now to the funny story....

I asked Jayden last night what he wants to be when he grows up and he says, "I'm gonna be a missionary, you know, like the guys that come to our house." So sweet. Then I ask him about what he's going to do after he comes back and he says, "I'm gonna sell candy."

Lovely. So, I say, "But Jayden, you could be anything that you wanted. Even an astronaut."

Jayden's reply: "OH NO! MOM! I'm not gonna be old like Grandpa and go to the moon. I don't want to be old!"



Anonymous adria said...

That is too cute!

September 10, 2008 at 1:26 PM  

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