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Garibay Soup: Gloomy, Beautiful Saturday!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gloomy, Beautiful Saturday!

It's Saturday today, and strangely it actually FEELS like a Saturday. We woke up early (thanks to Ella) and I've been doing laundry ever since my feet hit the floor. I'm sure the flylady would love that.

The weather outside is gloomy. Not raining, just a little overcast and peaceful. I love that. It makes me feel like I can have an inside, accomplishing day and not feel guilty about it.

We're all feeling better and the house has been sanitized, so hopefully this icky bug is out of our lives for good!

Our Halloween was awesome. I'll be uploading pics & video a little later today. If I start working on pictures it'll take over my day. I have goals for today and so far I think I'm going to accomplish them.

1) Filing - I want it ALL DONE TODAY!!! I'm doing quite well on this goal.

2) Laundry - This I also want all done today, but let's get real here ~ probably not going to happen. However, I've already done 4 loads and am not planning on stopping until tonight. My laundry is out of control, and that in turn makes my life out of control. So, if I don't accomplish it all, then at least I can make a nice dent!

and those are my goals for this gloomy, wonderful Saturday! I think it's so wonderful because it's the first day in a really long time (besides our sick days) that I don't HAVE to leave the house. Jayden's done with soccer (pictures and video to come on this as well) and Gino works, so it's kinda like a my day in a weird way.

Also ~ it's Digital Scrapbooking Day so, if you're in to Digital Scrapbooking I'd be high tailing it over to Ikea Godess (CLICK HERE), because there's a TON of freebies going on. That'll be my fun evening downloading as much as I can.

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