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Garibay Soup: Tuesday Babblings....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Babblings....

These past few days I've felt great. I'm up at the crack of dawn and motivated. I'm loving it!!! I just hope that this motivation sticks around.

Thanksgiving is coming up so soon! I'm just anxious for the day after Thanksgiving sales. I need to go online and start mapping out my day LOL. The plan is that my Grandma will be bringing my Great-grandma Louise and my mom should be coming up as well. That will be 5 generations of girls all together. I hope my Grandma Louise is up to it ~ I don't think she's been feeling very well lately. I REALLY want to get pictures done with all of us girls.

Tomorrow Gino and I are going to the temple to do baptisms. I am so excited!!!!!! I have a friend who was murdered a few years ago and I got permission from her father today to be able to do her temple work. I feel honored, because Melody was a very special person to me. I'm sad at what happened to her, and feel happy that I get to do this for her. Gino is going to be doing his uncle's temple work and I know that's something special for him.

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