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Garibay Soup: Obama

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What an amazing thing to watch our first African-American President be sworn in. I am actually really happy that Obama is our president. It's exciting! We need a change, and I think that Obama just might be able to give us the change that our country needs. When we were down in California we went to see Gino's mom and she was talking about all the job cuts that are happening and how California is in a huge mess. I think that at that moment our economic crisis actually hit me. While we're fine and it hasn't necessarily hit our home, it doesn't mean that it can't. That scares me.

I hope that we see a change and I hope that the people out there that are struggling because of our disasterous crisis, that they find jobs and that they are able to provide for their family. All I can do is pray for everyone. There's a guy that stands at Gino's work early in the morning with a sign saying NEED WORK and it has his phone number. When Gino told me about this I thought... how sad. He probably is at his last resort and has no other clue of what to do for his family. So, he gets up in the cold and stands there hoping someone will help him. That is scary. This nation scares me. I hope that it gets better, and I think we're all grasping on to the words that Obama has told us praying that change does happen.


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