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Garibay Soup: Scripture Scouts

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scripture Scouts

My past few posts have not had pictures. Hmmmm.... kinda boring huh?

I wanted to talk about something kinda cool. I was up at the Bishop's house today while Jayden was having his piano lesson, Sister Shumway was going over our new class that we teach together with me.

She let Jayden borrow a CD called Scout Stories (this might not be the correct name, and if it's not I'll update it tomorrow) and I have to say IT IS AWESOME! Jayden and I listened to the entire 1st Nephi Story, which I write about HERE. At the end of the story, Jayden asked me, "Mom, this is so awesome! Where's the promised land." And this is where I giggled. I felt all excited inside, because Jayden now knows the same story that I've been reading forever, because I totally suck at Scripture study, but he was asking questions! That means he was totally paying attention. Why did I giggle? Because I wasn't 100% on where the promised land was. I told him that I believed it was here, in the USA, because that's where Joseph Smith found the plates, but I guess it's something I'll eventually find out as I read.... or listen to Jayden's stories.


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Blogger Emily said...

Amanda the promise land is here. From scripture scholars it seems that Lehi and his family landed somewhere in central or south America. I love scripture scouts. When I was reading this story I was reminded of about a year ago when I was in the foyer with you and Ella and Jayden, and Jayden was bugging you about who was in the picture (it was a picture of Joseph Smith, God and Jesus Christ. You were getting so angry with him as he kept bugging you about who was in the picture. Finally you said Joseph Smith. Anyway it just reminds me of how far you guys have come. We love you guys and you help my testimoy all the time Thanks!

January 7, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

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