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Garibay Soup: Parent/Teacher Conference

Friday, March 20, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conference

It went great! I'm really proud of Jayden and how far he's come. When we first moved to Oregon he couldn't recognize all of his ABC's. I started feeling EXTREMELY guilty, because in California I had worked all day and didn't get much time to work with him.

Seeing how me being home with him and of course him being in school has helped him makes me feel REALLY good.

There are a few things during testing that Jayden didn't too well on, but she knows that he understands what he was supposed to be doing and that he just kinda "panics" during testing. So, she said the numbers don't show what Jayden is capable of. I really love his teacher!

One thing that he got an Excellent in is respect. He definitely is one respectful, enjoyable little boy.

On another note.... the infamous Alexcis, who he was in love with, wanted to come over. So, she had her mom call me and on Tuesday she came over for a playdate. She wanted to stay the night LOL. Jayden now denies ever loving her and claims their just friends. :)



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