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Garibay Soup: He Has a Girlfriend!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

He Has a Girlfriend!

Jayden has his first girlfriend. Her name is Alexis and she really is cute. I went to pick up Jayden from school today and him and Alexis walked out holding hands. OMGoodness! It really was cute. But it's such an eye opener that he's growing up. So, we get in the car and I asked him, "Is she your girlfriend?" I've asked this question before in a teasing manner, and he's always said, "NO!" This time was different. Jayden replied, "Yes, Mom, and we're gonna go on a date." My heart kinda broke a little bit.

I told Gino and you'd think he'd feel all proud of his little boy, but he wasn't. I'm kinda shocked. He asked him so tell me about your girlfriend and Jayden said, "Yeah, we hold hands and I need a nice shirt for our date." Gino didn't really say much to him then told me that it bothers him. So I told Jayden that girlfriends are for teenagers and little boys aren't supposed to have a girlfriend. He actually told me, "Mom, I do have a girlfriend and we're going on a date. I'm in love! She's a Chinese girl and I'm a Chinese boy." I didn't know my son was Chinese. She actually looks Filipino maybe half.

She's a very cute girl, but this isn't supposed to happen. Little girls are supposed to have cooties. Why doesn't this little girl have cooties???? Is this normal? I don't remember having a boyfriend in Kindergarten. It's one thing to have a little girlfriend, but why's he talking about buying a nice shirt for a date? Gino used to joke with Jayden about hot chicks. Whenever there'd be a girl on the TV Gino would say, "Jayden, is that a hot chick?" Jayden even asked Gino's boss at church on Sunday, "Do you like hot chicks? My dad likes hot chicks." It was funny, we all laughed. Now Gino said he's never joking with Jayden about hot chicks ever again. I actually do find it funny that Gino is reacting the way he's reacting. Looks like Ella has no chance at ever having a boyfriend!

Well, everyone, this is history today. My son's heart belongs to another female. UGH!



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