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Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Doing Things Here

I couldn't pass up the promotion going on at Curves, which ends today. Donate a bag of groceries and pay $30.00 for the startup fee. I woke up this morning in a perfectly clean bedroom (I ACTUALLY CLEANED IT LAST NIGHT!!!) and set out to start a new thing in my life that will bring me great health. I was excited and I actually really enjoyed it. New plan now is M-W-F will be my Curves days. T&Th will be my walking with Emily day. That's 5 days a week of doing some sort of exercise. I'm quite proud of myself.

Monday, Jayden starts piano lessons. He's always shown an interest, and I kick myself in the butt for not getting him in sooner. Now is better than never, right?

Jayden is starting Tball tomorrow. I'm utterly excited for him. I hear that watching their games is hilarious. I can't wait to finally be the mom on bleachers cheering loud for my son. I can't believe that Jayden is joining his first sport. While it's a happy occasion it also is a sad one. With every new thing that he does in life it just rubs in my face that he's not my baby anymore. He's almost 7 and knows the Pledge of Allegiance by heart. I'm getting old. I'm really getting old. Why is that I feel like I'm still 18? Why is that I don't feel like I'm getting old? I remember when my mom was still in her 20's. I used to brag about that. I remember her 30th birthday and how I was kinda sad that I could no longer say my mom's in her 20's. I'm almost not in my 20's. In 4 years I will be celebrating my 30th birthday and this is a MAJOR eye opener and just makes me more happy about my recent changes in life to be more healthy, happy & to strive to make my life as well as my families memorable.

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