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Friday, April 18, 2008


This could qualify under Work's For Me Wednesday, but I feel like sharing this now. I get stressed out and stressed out really easily. Today I had a table full of papers, a couch full of papers and a weight on my chest that actually hurt. I started out slow and am proud to say there's no papers on my couch and there's organized papers on my kitchen table. However, here I sat tonight STILL feeling stressed out. I think it's the fact that I really have so much to do and it's scattered in my brain and I'm scared of forgetting important things. So, I did what I love. I wrote a list. It's a scary list. I have many things that are so important and need to be done yesterday, but still I feel better. I printed it out and it's hanging on my fridge for me to start in on tomorrow. My goal is to at least accomplish 5 things off of it.

Lists are so wonderful. They really can make you feel so much better.

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Blogger Mrs. Mordecai said...

I do the same thing. When I have everything down on paper, I can stop worrying about remembering it all.

April 19, 2008 at 7:08 AM  

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