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Garibay Soup: 8 Months Old Today

Monday, April 14, 2008

8 Months Old Today

She's waving!! She waves and in the right direction too LOL... when she waves she either says "Hi" or "Babababa" I'm assuming that's supposed to be bye bye. Her favorite word ever is "Dadadada" This all just started this past week. She's pointed a couple of times too, but I don't know if she realizes exactly what she's doing. At first when she waved I thought it too was a fluke, but now if I do it she'll do it.

She can walk if she's holding onto something. She has a little toy that has a steering wheel and wheels and she can either have it as a ride on or a walking helper thing. She does pretty darn good at it.

She's obsessed with food. I've never in my life seen a baby her age like this. If she sees anybody eating she'll jet over to them and open her mouth and make this coughing noise. If you don't put some of your food in her mouth she will have a full blown bratty fit. She loves ANYTHING. If I put a pepper (I promise this I won't do) in her mouth she'd probably have a huge smile on her face. Looks like I got one extreme to the other in my children. Jayden doesn't eat anything and Ella eats everything.

Every day this little girl is growing and getting cuter and cuter. I still can't stop staring at her. I cannot get over how beautiful she is. I can't get over the fact that she's mine! She's not my first, but we waited 4 1/2 years to try again and unfortunately had to endure a lot. I had to go through 15 months of pregnancy and that is something I don't forget. I had to go through one of life's most heartbreaking tragedies of losing a baby. A baby that I already loved. A baby that I already felt move inside of me. A baby that will forever hold a special place in my heart. It makes me appreciate my kids so much more if that makes sense. And then to almost lose Ella when she was just 7 weeks old makes me just want to grasp onto her and never let go.

My Grandma was up visiting and asked me if I ever just lay her in her bed and let her fall asleep on her own and I quickly said no. I didn't explain to her why. I treasure every second that I have to hold her. I don't get frustrated when I have to take time out of what I'm doing to hold her close to my heart and rock her. I love to stare at her and thank God for trusting me with a child of his. There's no better feeling to me than having a baby of mine fall asleep in my arms. This life is so short and every moment that we can treasure our babies should be taken advantage of.

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