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Garibay Soup: Some more goals...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some more goals...

I'm getting extra doses of my husband this week. He's had Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. Then he also has Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. That's a lot of time together. It's been nice though. I'm getting work done, and he's hanging out with Ella. If he knew I was really up here writing on my blog I don't think he'd be too thrilled :)

I accomplished the majority of all of my goals last week. I did my 2 loads/day, my work items were done, the only thing I really messed up on was a home cooked meal every night.

Here are my goals for this week - now until Friday....

1) 2 loads/day

2) Read scriptures EVERY MORNING & NIGHT (I started my day out w/reading w/Gino and I feel great!)

3) 15 minutes of filing/day

4) Do as the flylady tells me.... I seriously need to get back on track with that!

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