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Garibay Soup: You had to know a complaint/vent was coming...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You had to know a complaint/vent was coming...

The baptism was beautiful and wonderful and everything that I expected, but I can't hold this in anymore.

My inlaws and my brother were the rudest ever! Gino's parents held it together through the baptism, and honestly I think my MIL felt the spirit, because it was hard not to. We had such an amazing turn out of supporter that they had to hold the talks before the baptism in the chapel.... I was told that never happens. My brother laughed through the baptism. I have no respect for that boy. He made me so mad.

I had a talk with Gino parents who seemed so concerned and full of questions before they came here that it would be really cool of them to stay the entire 3 hours of church so they could get some answers AND so they could support their son. This was going to be Gino's 1st real time (we don't count the first time he went to church) of staying all day, for all the classes. If anything it was mainly for Gino. It would be nice to have his father there for him, supporting him, even if he didn't agree with our religion. I'm not asking the man to get dunked right there. I was just asking him to be a dad for once.

So, first off, they showed up 30 minutes late to church, with my son. They missed the confirmation, and walked in during the passing of the sacrament.... I cringed. The Sacrament meeting was amazing. My friend who sang at Gino's baptism got up and sang His Hands in front of the church. The church choir got up to sing and the talks had me bawling in the mother's room. This girl gave a talk that gave me chills. She just talked about life experiences of her's and how the Holy Spirit has touched her life. One thing she said was how you don't have to be LDS to know the phrase Listen to your heart. That's the Holy Spirit. Listening to your heart is listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. She talked of how she had a miscarriage and how the comforting of the Holy Spirit got her through that time, and strengthened her marriage in a completely different way.... much like my situation with Mya.

So, nothing was said during Sacrament that would have people running for the hills. Yet, when it was over Gino's dad rudely wanted nothing more to do with it. Yet, they can call and run their mouth with a bunch of questions. I could feel the contention in them and it made the trip difficult. After church Gino's dad wouldn't even look me in the eyes. I just found his actions so selfish and sad. The people in my ward tried so hard with my in-laws. I couldn't be more thankful for them. Everyone was so nice and accepting.

Gino and I were walking to Gospel Principles and he said, "Amanda, this is why we didn't invite them to this in the first place. I knew they would act like this, and all that matters is that we're here doing what we're supposed to be doing."

I know that not everyone on this earth believes in the Mormon church. I'm not asking for everyone to believe in it, and I especially wasn't asking my in-laws to believe in it. But what harm is there in giving it a chance? What harm is there in listening to a couple of hours of words of God that can actually inspire you? Why are you so quick to judge something you know nothing about? When you don't even go to church, don't pick up a bible.... you think your way is so much better than ours? So much that when you are offered a FREE Book of Mormon by your own daughter in law just so you could possibly learn what your son is doing with his life (since you seemed so concerned and full of questions just a week ago) you say NO. Your so quick to hate, and that makes me so sad for you.

I tried to keep these feelings to myself. It's hard though. I needed to talk about it. I have no idea if they read my blog, and if they do then maybe they were meant to read how I felt about how they acted.

Next Sunday is the Primary Program. The primary will take over Sacrament and sing songs and give talks. Jayden will even get up to say something. I can't wait. Sadly, Gino got scheduled to work and will be missing it :( They better get his work situation fixed soon!

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