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Garibay Soup: I've been MIA from my blog for a good reason!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've been MIA from my blog for a good reason!

I haven't been blogging lately, and there's a reason! I've actually been productive. I'm on this kick to be organized all throughout the year of 2009. In order to achieve this new goal I have to start a little early. My office stuff is almost completely 100%, perfectly ORGANIZED! Huge accomplishment! This next week I'm going to be focusing on my closet and the kids' toys.

I should've taken a before picture of my office area, but I will post an after. I'll do a before & after post of everything else I accomplish ~ the big thing is going to be the garage.... it's scary.

My mom is on her way up right now and should be in here in about a half an hour. I'm excited to be able to spend time with her. It's so weird how I went from seeing her at least once a week to only seeing her a couple times a year. Jayden is REALLY excited to see his favorite Grandma. I actually asked him who his favorite Grandma was (I know, I'm terrible) and he told me my mom was. Then I asked who his favorite Grandpa was and he told me that his dad's dad was his favorite Grandpa.

Friday I'm hitting up the Black Friday sales. I'm going to try to do it small this Christmas, which is going to be SO hard for me. Christmas is a really big thing for us, and I am going to try to bring back more of the spirit. If anybody has any ideas on some Christmas spirit things we can do please, please share with me!! I'm tired of buying a ton of stupid toys that Jayden doesn't even pay attention to just so he can have lots of presents to open. I want whatever it is that we buy them for them to appreciate it, and I don't want them to be overwhelmed with so many presents that half of it goes unnoticed. So... this year, simple for us.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving ~ I'll try to come on and give a nice Thanksgiving post about the things I'm thankful for and how our day went. In the meantime I hope that everyone has a safe & Happy Thanksgiving.

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