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Garibay Soup: Daddy & Jayden's Little Secret

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daddy & Jayden's Little Secret

High School Musical annoys more than anything, but Jayden has loved the first 2 and really wanted to see the 3rd one. That was until it actually was in theaters. I asked Jayden if he wanted Gino to take him and he got really defensive and said, "NO WAY!" I figured that some boys must have made fun of the movie at school so he felt like he couldn't see it anymore, and that made me sad.

Today Gino and Jayden got up really early to go see Madagascar 2. They were having a special showing at 9:30am for a local boy that was recently diagnosed with an aggresive form of brain cancer. All proceeds from the movie would go to his family to help with travel costs back and forth from Portland where the 7 year old boy is getting treatment.

Well, they got to the movies and it was sold out. Jayden was so upset. They had opened up another movie to support this boy and the movie was High School Musical 3. Jayden was mad and wanted to go home. He told Gino, "That movie is for girls!" Gino knew that Jayden really wanted to see it, so he told Jayden, "J, it's okay. We can go and see it and it will be our little secret...I won't tell anybody." And Jayden smiled and agreed and danced all through the movie LOL.

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