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Garibay Soup: Tiona's 10th Birthday

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tiona's 10th Birthday

My littlest sister, Tiona turned 10 on Friday. Friday night we went out to dinner with her and had a pretty fun time, but yesterday we went to her birthday party and had A BLAST! I honestly can't believe how much fun I had. It was at the skating ring and when I showed up I had no intentions on skating. I finally caved, put the skates on and took Jayden out. He actually was doing really well for it being his first time.

It really had me thinking while out there skating with my little man that it saddens me that we don't do a lot of things with just the two of us. I think it's important for him and me that we do something with just the two of us at least once every two weeks. He needs that. I need that.

Ella was great, which was shocking. My sister Britney took care of her while I spent my quality time with Jayden. She was cute and everyone oooooed and ahhhhed over her, and she loved the attention she got.

Picture time...... oh... my sister's date on the pics hasn't been set - so don't mind the date :) It's pretty wrong.

My cute little man sporting his new haircut

Ella looks intoxicated, maybe too much ice cream???

Jayden was really enjoying the bubbles.... you'd think the kid never seen them before

Ella holding her brother's new recorder - she was all smiles

She caught me... a picture of me I didn't know was taken.

This is Ella with my dad ~ this morning while snagging these pics off my sister's myspace Ella saw this pic and said, "Papa." I was kinda shocked that she remembered since we're not around him too much, but I thought it was kinda neat - so I thought I'd document it. So, Ella with her Papa.

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