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Garibay Soup: Summer Lovin'

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Usually summers are not a big deal to me. I used to be stuck in a stuffy office working 8-5, and thanks to the overwhelming Sacramento traffic wouldn't make it home til close to 6. Just because summer was starting didn't mean things in our life were going to change. Jayden still would go to preschool, Gino still worked graveyard... I still only saw my family like 3 hours/day.

For the past 2 summers (this is my 3rd!!!) I have the privilege of knowing what summers are all about. I get to go on play dates at the park, do fun activities with my kids and LOVE the blessings that are included in being able to do this.

Summers also = probably less computer time. Which is FINE BY ME! I love blogging, I love Facebook (well, it's on my phone, so I won't be neglecting Facebook) and I love surfing the net, but I'm trying to not have Jayden's summer memories be of his mom hiding behind her computer. I want him to remember swimming, laughing, ice cream, lemonade stands & SUMMER! I want him to play outside and get dirty, eat worms, squish bugs.... okay, maybe I'm taking it too far - Jayden wouldn't touch any of those activites with a 10 foot pole - and I love him for it!

Happy Summer - I hope everyone including us can make some great summer memories.


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