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Garibay Soup: My Mother's Day...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother's Day...

Mother's Day.... HEAVEN! I absolutely love being at the coast. It's gorgeous, peaceful, and it's a place I'd honestly like to see myself living at one day. I don't know, it may happen... it may not. That's the beauty of life. The only thing truly stopping me from packing up and picking my new home is the fact that there's no Home Depot on the Oregon coast.... and Home Depot is a necessity in our life, because that is our source of health insurance... cardiac baby MUST have health insurance.

We camped literally right in front of the beach. We were in my Grandma's RV and I'd sit in the passenger seat and watch the whales blow the water up and flip their tails (or fins... whatever) out of the water. It was absolutely amazing to me!! I can't believe how close those whales actually get to the shore! What a great experience!!

So, here's a picture of the view from the RV

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with my Grandma, but she was there. It was a nice little get away for us all... much needed! We really don't live too far away from the coast, but we rarely go... usually just once a year. I want to start going more often. I want to take advantage of the beauty that's just around the corner. I'd LOVE to take a trip up 101 for a couple of weeks and get to see all of the Oregon coast... it's just so beautiful.

Of course I have a few pictures to show. I'm not going to overwhelm my blog with a million pictures, but these are a few of my favorites

I haven't talked much about her, but this is our love Sophie.... I actually love her - shocking! I know, I know, she looks like a pit, but she's NOT! She's an Olde English Bulldog :)

Jayden FINALLY got to make smores, which is something this kid has been wanting to do for a REALLY long time. Jayden picked out a little chest for me, I'm thinking I might be keeping things he makes me in it. It's special, because he had to get it for me.... there was no talking him out of it, and that's the best!

I'm so thankful to be a mom, and I'm thankful to have 2 of the most special little souls I've ever encountered. I love my life, I love my children, and I love my husband.... I'm forever grateful for the way things have turned out for me.

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