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Garibay Soup: Dear Robert.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dear Robert.....

My heart completely dropped when I heard the news. I just couldn't believe that you would ever do something like this. You were quite the self destructive one and everyone was always worried about what crazy thing you'd do next, but I must say this definitely wasn't something I ever expected. I wish that you would have thought before you acted. You always kicked yourself for all the things you did without thinking ~ much like my brother. I'm so sad that you can't kick yourself this time. Robert, I know that my mom & you loved each other with all of your hearts, and unfortunately you were in a situation that you couldn't be together. I'm sad for her. I'm sad that she's lying in bed right now feeling the worst heart ache from you she's ever had to feel, and I've seen her shed many tears over you. I remember your accident and how scared she was when she thought you were dead. Now you are. And you did it yourself. Why? Robert, you were so loved. You had an amazing personality and all you had to do was walk away. There was no reason to do what you did.

I hope you rest in peace. I hope that you finally feel peace with yourself. I will pray every day for your children, my mom, and all of the people out there that love you. Please watch over Tap Tap. I'm not telling Jayden. I don't want to have to explain. I remember once when Jayden was first understanding family he told me "Auntie is your sister, Uncle Mitch is your brother, Grandma is your mom and Tap Tap is your dad." It was so cute. And then after a while of you not seeing him he asked "Where's Tap Tap? Is he dead?" :*( If you see my angel Mya up there tell her that I love her ~ and look for the balloons that I'm sending your way. I'm putting a pink one in there for Mya so give her hers. Watch over my mom. She loves you so much, Robert. And Maria is in my prayers. I hope that she recovers for your children. They need her. I wish you didn't do this. RIP, Robert!! Much love ~ Tap Tap


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