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Garibay Soup: I NEVER Thought I'd See The Day

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I NEVER Thought I'd See The Day

That my husband would not work graveyard. My husband and I got together in July 2000. A month later he started working graveyard and has worked graveyard ever since. It's just the way of life for us. I let him sleep til 2pm and then he wakes up and we have all evening together and then I get my time and he goes to work. Simple, works, I get my own bed all to myself 5 days/week. I always wanted him to work days. I always wanted to have a normal life. I always wanted to roll over and kiss my husband goodnight (not that I don't do this on the weekends)

My phone just rang and I heard the rumor that his work might be doing away with Graveyard and thought 'Wouldn't that be nice?' Well, it's happening. His new schedule will be 4am-1pm. Well, that sure is a different "days" schedule.


  1. I will get to kiss my husband goodnight Sunday-Saturday
  2. My life will somewhat resort back to normal
  3. My husband won't have to leave in the middle of his favorite TV show - and I won't have to watch shows twice - yes, I watch Gossip Girl and others and then have to watch them all over again while pretending to be surprised. And yes, he watches Gossip Girl among other shows that would shock you.
  4. We'll get a second car
  5. We'll have all day to do whatever we want as a family (should this really be in the pro section?)
  6. My husband will no longer be lounging around in his boxers all day... this is because he will not be sleeping on and off on my couch w/a blanket.... DRIVES ME CRAZY!
  7. He will be able to take the kids to the park or somewhere fun and not be too exhausted so I can get some work done w/the kids.


  1. When he's really getting on my last nerve he won't be leaving at 9:30pm
  2. We actually will be spending more time together, which could cause irritation (hopefully this doesn't happen)
  3. 4am?!?!?! WHAT were they thinking when they made up this shift? So that means that he'll wake up at 3:15am and wake us up from being loud and then I'll get pissy and then there will be drama ~ caused by me... Miss QUEEN DRAMA! Don't mess w/my sleep - especially when it already gets messed with by Miss QUEEN DRAMA in training.
  4. He used to have weekends off. Well, now he'll work Tues-Saturday ~ okay, this really isn't that big of a difference. He'll get off at 1pm on Saturday and normally he sleeps til 1pm on Saturday.
  5. I will actually have to get Ella dressed and drag her along w/me in the morning to drop Jayden off at school....brrrr it's so cold, poor baby girl.... and if it ends up snowing anymore this will be no good.

Okay, so those are my Pro's and Con's at the top of my head. After all these years I've come to be really used to this schedule and while I've protested for him to switch I can't believe he's actually switching. I wonder what time he'll be going to bed every night since he has to wake up at 3am.

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