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Garibay Soup: First Cabbage Patch Dolls

Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Cabbage Patch Dolls

I remember my first Cabbage Patch. She was a newborn and her name was Christina. I remember her birthday was September 1st and one September 1st when I was 6 years old we had a birthday party for her. All of the neighborhood kids came over with their dolls and my mom bought cupcakes. We lived in Lodi - amazing the little things we remember. Yesterday the kids got a package in the mail from Aunt Ksee. Jayden got another transformer to add to his collection - talk about excitement!! Ella got her first newborn cabbage patch kid. The Birth Certificate says her name is Lauree Janelle and was born on January 20th. Ella loves her. She tries to chew on her face and sometimes gets frustrated, but when I hold her up so she can see her a big smile goes across her face. Her first real baby doll.... so sweet!

And then there's Jayden. My mom bought him a boy cabbage patch doll. I honestly for the life of me cannot remember its name, and the birth certificate is probably packed away with all of my scrapbook supplies in the garage, but I had to share a picture of Jayden w/his little mexican soccer player cabbage patch doll. He is shirtless, because I guess Jayden decided that the needed to show off the doll's muscles lol.

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