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Garibay Soup: I'm Old

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Old

I'm only 25 years old and tonight I felt older than I ever have in my life. I went to my sister's high school's basketball game so I could watch her cheer. The game was amazing - I swear it felt like we were at a college basketball game. But, as I sat where all the parents sat, across the court from where all the kids from school sit cheering their team on I kinda felt a little depressed. I'm not a kid anymore...holy crap! I swear I thought I was still 16 until tonight... okay, not really, but I sure as hell didn't feel 25. Now I feel 40. Life sure flies by I tell you.

Now, Miss Ella had a ball at the ball game. I thought she'd be scared, because believe me the fans at this game were giving the Sacramento Kings fans a run for their money (okay not that loud but pretty darn loud!) She was kicking her feet, and smiling and watching the cheerleaders... we had so much fun!

So there's a picture of Ella at the game (obviously) and I would have one up of Jayden but he was having fun running around w/his aunt Tiona (who is only 2 years older than him) So, I promise to post more pictures of him - I promise I'm not favoring Ella - she's just so darn cute!

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