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Garibay Soup: Best Superbowl EVER!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Best Superbowl EVER!

Let me just start this out by saying I despise the Patriots just as much as I love the Raiders. So to see them having their butts handed to them today brought me more joy than I can even describe. Let's face it, in the end cheaters don't win. If you are a Pats fan reading this sorry LOL (Sam, yes I'm talking to you LMAO) We had such a great time today. We went up to my grandparent's house to watch the game and had so much fun! I really wanted NY to win not only so the Patriots wouldn't, but how cool is it that Eli Manning's brother won the super bowl last year and he won it this year? They sure have some proud parents. I loved how when Eli threw that last touch down they put the cameras up in the box on Peyton. Watching him jump up and down for his brother actually put tears in my eyes. Super Bowl XLII is the best Super Bowl I've watched yet. Now, let's just all pray that Raiders get their crap together and give us a good season next year.


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