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Garibay Soup: Devious Little Minds!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Devious Little Minds!

I swear I don't understand how kids get to be so smart! I'm not talking book smart, I'm talking downright deceivingly smart. Jayden spends a lot of his time upstairs. The computer he's allowed to play w/is up there, his toys are up there - it's Jayden's world up there. However, there are things of mine up there as well.... of course. I walked up stairs and walk in my room to see Jayden sitting on my laundry basket filled with clean laundry. It not only irritated me that his dirty little body was sitting on top of my clean, white clothes, but that he was bending the crap out of my laundry basket. Jayden looks at me and goes, "Oh, Mom, I didn't hear your footsteps. Sorry." Greaaat! I wonder what else he does upstairs when I'm not up there for him to have to listen for my footsteps.

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