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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Results are in.............

And I do not have a thyroid problem. Next step is they're going to do an echo on my heart. I don't find this step necessary, but I also know that it's not going to hurt anything so I've agreed to it. Today I've been having extreme difficulty in breathing. Tonight it's a little better than it's been all day, but I actually have to struggle to take a deep breath. If I feel this way in the morning I'll call my doctor up and ask to come in and have my oxygen level checked. I starting wondering today if this has to do w/the cold I had - maybe there's stuff in my chest that I don't realize and that's causing this. Or maybe I have asthma. You know, there has been so many random ideas going through my head on what in the world is going on. I don't have anxiety today. In fact I'm pretty relaxed. So why am I having a hard time breathing? I guess I'll have an answer eventually. Here's to hoping I feel normal tomorrow!

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