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Garibay Soup: This Week's Goals

Monday, March 3, 2008

This Week's Goals

Parenting: Work with Jayden on his spelling/reading. Read to/with Jayden for at least 20 minutes every day. Get Jayden's new Routine/Chore chart set up

Marriage: Watch my attitude with my husband, because Lord knows I can get one. I also want to work on looking at the positive things in our marriage instead of the negative.

Household: Finish Jayden's room (we're doing major decluttering in there!!) Detail Clean Master Bathroom.

Work: Get filing done. Anything that needs to be filed HAS to be filed by Friday or I'm going to go INSANE!!!!

Faith: I've really slacked on any kind of bible study, but I must say that church yesterday was so motivating and I'm going to set a goal for myself to Read both lessons that I will be learning on Sunday and spend 15 minutes every night reading the BOM.

Self: Tuesday & Thursday go walking & Weds & Friday exercise to cardio video - I have too much stuff going on today to exercise.

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