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Garibay Soup: Another Year... Another Decade... Another Recap

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year... Another Decade... Another Recap


This isn't only the close of another year, but another decade. A decade that for me seem to fly by too quickly. Let's first do a breakdown on 2009:

Recapping on this year that almost seems like a blur, a few things stand out in my mind.

  • Once again, we almost lost our precious Ella this time to a MAJOR accident. She overdosed on her heart medication, but thankfully right after she received her blessing from dear friends in our church she did nothing but get better. There was a horribly, scary chance that she wouldn't make it.

  • Jayden started 2nd Grade! The teacher that he started out with was absolutely WONDERFUL! But budget cuts made it so that there were over 30 kids in his class, so the school made a decision and some kids went to a 1st/2nd grade mixed class.... Jayden was chosen and went back to his 1st Grade teacher!!! I absolutely LOVE Mrs. Roberts and even though at first this change was a little irritating, we all adjusted well.

  • Gino has dedicated himself to going to the gym EVERY, SINGLE DAY! I have to say I am beyond excited for him.

  • Gino and I partnered with a company that is exploding in our life! I can't even begin to describe the success that we now have at our finger tips. We are with a telecommunications company that only continues to go up during our economy. We feel EXTREMELY grateful that this was placed in our lives. If you are currently unhappy with your current JOB (you know, Just Over Broke) or are open to making extra income VERY PART TIME then get in touch with me. My goal this year is to get as many moms and dads out of the corporate world, home with their families, and having financial freedom.

  • Last but definitely not least.... we have learned in the last month of this year that we will be welcoming a new baby into our family in 2010!!!

Now on to the decade.....

2000: We met
2001: We had our first son
2004: We got married
2006: Our marriage was tested, but we prevailed. We got pregnant     w/our 2nd baby... only to lose
her before she was born. Then got pregnant with our 3rd baby... Miss Ella
2007: Welcomed our baby girl Ella into the world. Discovered how precious life is as we almost
lost her to her heart problem.
2009: Partnered with a multi-billion dollar company that is changing our lives. Found out that we will be having
yet another little Garibay in our world

This past decade has definitely been based around our family. Learning who we are. Growing together instead of apart.

This decade that we are entering into is going to be the decade that we make a bang! It's going to be the decade where we focus on personal growth. Where we gain complete financial freedom. Where we change not only our life for the better but the lives of all our children and their children to come. And I'll be blogging my way through it all.


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Blogger The Webers said...

Congratulations on the news of a baby on the way! That is so exciting :)

January 2, 2010 at 4:06 PM  

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