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Garibay Soup: This Man is Miraculous

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Man is Miraculous

While Norm really is in his final days he has bounced back yet once again. Today is his 85th birthday. I called him this morning to wish him a happy birthday and he was in good spirits joking around. He's going to be released from the hospital and it was intended for him to go to a care center as he just continues in his stubborn state of mind that he can walk by himself and falls and hurts himself. Instead of going to the care center he will be going to stay in a motel room of his at his casino. That way he will be taken care of by his staff and won't have to deal with being in a home. That's the update on Norm. It's an amazing thing. I won't be shocked if he lives to be 100.




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